Netball 2020

Welcome to NETBALL 2020, the vision and plan that will drive world netball forward over the next four years.

Netball 2020 is built on three strategic pillars:

  • Governing with integrity
  • Thrilling world class events
  • Empowering through netball
That is the blueprint for the work we at the International Netball Federation will be doing to lead world netball towards the next decade. The three pillars stand on the firm foundation of our last four year plan, and at the end of those four years netball has never looked better. We are rightfully proud of our record of sound governance, and proud of our world class events – events that showcase our sport and our elite athletes, thrilling audiences, winning new friends and new supporters, and providing girls with powerful and positive role models. But if there is one aspect our ambition for the future of netball that I want to highlight, it’s our commitment to empowerment. The power of sport, of women’s sport, and of netball in particular, to change lives is extraordinary. We will continue our work to empower women and girls - but more than that, we will be changing the lives of their communities.

Our strategic plan outlines 9 high level goals and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to assess our progress towards these goals. In the next four years you will see world netball that is strong, confident, and inclusive, determined to grow and embrace change and diversity, and a sport that is truly a force for good.

Vision (our strategic direction)
A socially responsible sports movement, recognised universally for its positive impact on people and communities around the world.

Mission (our purpose)
INF promotes empowerment by working with our Members, from grass roots to elite, to provide safe and supportive environments to develop life skills and to sustain growth.

Values (our culture and beliefs)
We aspire to Excellence in everything we do. We hold the principles of Fairness and Integrity at the heart of our sport. We create opportunities to foster lifelong Friendship through the love of netball.

Click here to view the INF Strategic Plan: Netball 2020


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