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World Netball is responsible for Netball across the Globe with currently eighty-four (84) Members, sixty-four (64) Full Members and twenty (20) Associate Members.

World Netball is fundamentally a Members organisation and our Members are very much key to driving forward the growth and development of the game on a global level. World Netball has over 80 members spanning all corners of the globe. Our membership is split into five Regional Federations including the Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The diverse range of countries taking part in netball makes for a melting pot of cultures and style of play. When members come together for International Test matches it is a truly exciting spectacle. There are many more netball playing countries and we are growing rapidly. Any country with an association or group of people charged with developing netball could be eligible to become a member of World Netball.

You need not be a country with a national team ready to compete on the international stage. World Netball welcomes all netball playing countries and different levels of membership are available depending on your developmental needs.

World Netball membership has many benefits such as access to development grant funding, kit and equipment, access to technical expertise and opportunities to compete internationally if relevant. World Netball and their respective Regional Federations are very keen to welcome new members on board and provide support in developing netball in your country. Please contact the secretariat at info@worldnetball.sport for further information.

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For the purposes of Netball, Australia is seen as part of the World Netball Asia Region.

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