Formats of the Sport


The traditional seven(7)-a-side format of the sport has been played since 1895. World Netball owns The Rules of Netball and regularly reviews them with a formal review every eight years. For more about The Rules of Netball Click Here.

In addition to the standard game, netball is played in a variety of formats:

Fast Net / Fast5

In 2008 World Netball developed a new format of the sport. Fast Net is a 6-a-side game launched in 2009 at the World Netball Series in Manchester, England.

Following a review of Fast Net this was further developed into a 5-a-side game called Fast5 – the format used at the World Netball Series in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012.

Click here to download the INF Fast5 Rules.


Beach Netball

Netball is played both indoors and outside – For those lucky enough to have access to a beach netball is growing at a pace with a range of tournaments adding razmataz and sun to the sport.

A number of World Netball Members hold annual beach netball tournaments.

Although primarily a women’s sport, mixed and men’s netball are becoming increasingly popular.

Disability Netball

World Netball is eager to ensure the widest possible access to the sport. A number of World Netball Members work closely with colleagues from agencies with a disability focus to look at ways the sport can be adapted to allow full participation. Part of this also includes the education of coaches and those involved in the planning and delivery of netball programmes.


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