The approach to coaching and coach education and development varies around the world. Some World Netball Member countries have highly structured education and accreditation systems validated by external bodies whilst others have a more informal approach.

I want to be a Netball coach, what do I do?

SUNDAY 16 AUGUST - Scotland (SCO) v Fiji (FIJ) in a placing game on Day 10 of the Netball World Cup 2015 SYDNEY. Photo: Murray Wilkinson (NWC2015 Media)If you are starting out and want to know how to become a coach your first point of call will be your local or National Netball Association. Each Member country has its own coaching system in place.

For information on which countries are World Netball Members with recognised Netball Associations, click here.

I would like to broaden my coaching experience by coaching in different countries. Where do I start?

Again, your first point of call will be your National Netball Association and that of the country you want to visit. The relevant Regional Federation may also be able to provide guidance if you are not sure which country to visit. Some Members run community programmes or school-based activities which provide opportunities to coaches both in a largely voluntary capacity.

Make sure you are aware of the qualification requirements of the role you are going for and gain as much hands-on coaching experience as you can. Also take time to find out as much about a country as you can before travelling, what is considered good practice/behaviour in your country by not be appropriate/accepted in another. Preparation is key.

Other opportunities are provided by companies who run ‘gap year’ programmes.

I would like to coach at international level where can I find such opportunities?

Day 7World Netball Members often seek coaches to help develop their national teams. World Netball will publish these opportunities on the career opportunities page.

To support the sustainable development of Netball, World Netball strongly encourages anyone taking up the role of coaching an international squad to also consider their wider role. This may include supporting the development of performance coaches within that country and helping the National Netball Association to put in place a long-term performance plan

Coaching Advice

World Netball has a Coaching Advisory Panel.  The Panel is responsible for advising the CEO and the Board and working with them to support the development and implementation of agreed priorities in the World Netball Strategic Plan, particularly, in relation to supporting the development of quality coaches worldwide.

Coaching Resources

We have a series of coaching resources including a Foundation Level Coaching Manual which you may download free of charge:

Click here for the World Netball Foundation Coaching Manual in English

Click here for the World Netball Foundation Coaching Manual in French

Click here for the World Netball Foundation Coaching Manual in Spanish 

The Intermediate Coaching Manual is available to purchase on the World Netball Shop.

Foundation Level Coaching Cards are available to purchase from the World Netball Shop.

COACHING CLINICS – NETBALL WORLD CUP 2015World Netball organised a series of high performance coaching clinics during Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015, run by some of the world’s top netball coaches, including Yvonne Willering, Anita Navin, Maureen Hall, Jill McIntosh, Julie Hoornweg, and Sue Hawkins.

These important clinics were attended by coaching staff from the participating teams, and now, for the first time, netball coaches everywhere will be able to purchase the recordings of these clinics for a small fee and gain insight from the very best coaches in the world.

Each clinic is seventy minutes long and covers a wide range of on-court scenarios:

Training and shooting under pressure

Delivering player-centered sessions

Making activities relevant to ‘on-court situations

Where have all the Wing Attacks gone?

Access to the recordings of the clinics can be purchased for $6.99 each via the ‘Coaching Clinics – Netball World Cup 2015‘ page on the World Netball shop.


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