Foundation Coaching

Netball is about doing the simple things well, over and over again, every time. At the end of the match, it is the team who makes the least amount of unforced errors that will succeed. Champions are just that because they make fewer errors than their opponents do. They are more consistent in everything they do. They have the ability to consistently play with minimal errors in their game.

It is the mastery of the foundation skills that underpins all achievements. So take the time to consider – “Why is it that some players can do it well whilst others cannot?” Those who achieve do so because they are prepared to put in the time and commitment to being the very best they can be.

It also takes good coaching. This is where the coach can make a difference.

Coaches have a responsibility to the players to have a very good understanding of the foundation skills of netball. They must be able to teach and develop these skills in every player in a fun and enjoyable manner.

These resources have been developed to target ‘Foundation Level’ Coaches. These are coaches who sit in the following criteria:

  • Little if no coaching experience
  • Very basic coaching skills
  • Looking to embark on a journey to become a netball coach
  • Coaching grassroots and lower league teams e.g. schools

Coaching Videos

We have developed a series of coaching videos to support our Foundation Level Coaches.

The videos cover the following areas:

  1. Movement Skills
  2. Passing Skills
  3. Catching
  4. Getting Free
  5. Vision
  6. Decision Making
  7. Shooting
  8. Defending Skills
  9. Defending the Play
  10. Centre Pass Set Up
  11. Attacking / Defending Through Court