World Netball Grant Scheme

‘Net Effect’ is World Netball’s (WN) global small grants scheme. The scheme is based on the philosophy of ‘Local drive…global impact’ ; the belief that strong, effectively run, proactive national netball associations are essential to the sustainable growth of the sport locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

The overall aim of the Net Effect Grant Scheme is to:

‘Provide a contribution to WN Members supporting them towards increasing participation and raising standards of provision for netball, allowing them to proactively instigate and make the most of available development opportunities.’

With this in mind, the Scheme offers funding to projects which can demonstrate they will have a significant and sustainable impact for the benefit of netball with the following objectives:

  • Achieve the WN Vision through proactive, targeted and sustainable development activities
  • Support developing WN Members in achieving their strategic aims through sustainable development activities
  • Allocate funds to projects that are likely to make a real measurable impact and achieve specific outcomes for the benefit of the sport and structure at local, national, regional and global level
  • Place the needs of the participant (player, coach, official, administrator etc) at the centre of all development activities with their safeguarding and personal welfare paramount
  • Provide a focal point to identify, engage and enhance collaborative partnerships with a range of governmental, non-governmental agencies and other relevant stakeholders
  • Set and maintain high quality levels of provision for netball ensuring those involved gain a positive experience and want to come back for more.

All projects should be underpinned by the WN values.

The administration of Net Effect funds is managed by the 5 Regional Federations.

Net Effects grants are only available to current WN Members, (Associate and Full).

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