A Guide to playing Netball: what is your position?

Over the past year one of Britain’s leading newspapers, the Guardian has put together a guide to the different positions in Netball. Take a look at an all you need to know guide about each of the 7 positions here:

Goal Shooter (GS): “The importance of the goal shooter on a netball court cannot be underestimated. As the team’s main scorer, their contribution in the circle is critical. Yet their role is a complex one and each goal shooter is different in how they approach the game.”


Goal Attack (GA): “Goal attacks have to shoot accurately, often from distance and when fatigued, engineer their team’s attacking strategies and share the centre pass workload – all while being harassed by one of the opposition’s fittest and finest defenders.”


Wing Attack (WA): “Speed, smarts, selflessness, creativity, quick hands, ability, balance and control – these are the characteristics of a good wing attack, whose role it is to constantly set up play through passing and positioning, as well as setting the game’s tempo.”


Centre (C): “The centre is the glue that holds both ends of the court together, acting as the conduit between attack and defence, meaning they need to be equally talented in the disparate disciplines. Centres are unique in netball, as the only player whose role is not explicitly defined as offensive or defensive by their bib.”


Wing Defence (WD): “A position which requires unceasing doggedness, the speed and conditioning of a sprinter, tactical nous and the disposition to allow others to take the glory when hard work translates into an intercept.”


Goal Defence (GD): “Goal defenders are netball’s great chameleons, required to be fast-moving, canny and adaptable to change. They may have to fly for every contest with an aerial specialist or execute a quiet, grinding game in the shadow of more a dazzling defensive partner, who picks off loose balls generated by their tireless work.”


Goal Keeper (GK): “Goal keeper is one of netball’s true “key” positions, theirs is a make-or-break role. They have an almost-unparalleled influence on a team’s chances of success, so one of a side’s most tenacious and “game smart” players usually wears the “GK” bib.”



Source: Guardian Online Newspaper

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