Netball Scoop and The Confident Girls Foundation Collaborate to Support World Netball Ambassador Geva Mentor CBE’s Project

Netball Scoop and The Confident Girls Foundation have collaborated to support World Netball Athlete Ambassador Geva Mentor CBE’s, “Mentor’s Reach”initiative.

“Mentor’s Reach” first started in 2013, when Geva and her mum Yvonne donated second-hand netball clothes to Zambia, and Netball Scoop then began to work with Geva on the project in 2014.

Since then, tonnes of goods have been taken across seas to those that need it most and now The Confident Girls Foundation is coming on-board too.

The Confident Girls Foundation was created in 2017 by World Netball Member, Netball Australia, with an aim to help disadvantaged communities and women and girls find their strengths.

Geva is extremely happy and proud of the new collaboration: “To be involved with Netball Scoop and The Confident Girls Foundation and continue to provide netball uniforms to disadvantaged communities overseas and in Australia is very fulfilling.

“Being part of a team is extremely uplifting, and uniforms enable that pride and belonging to the identity you can form together.

“We are providing more than clothing, we are instilling pride, care and togetherness.”

World Netball is extremely proud of the work its Ambassador and Members continue to do.

For more information, visit Netball Scoops website here.