World Netball’s Head of Finance and Governance, Angela Sanderson, wins Outstanding Governance Contribution award

World Netball’s (WN) Head of Finance and Governance, Angela Sanderson, has won the ‘Outstanding Governance Contribution’ award at the Sports Governance Academy’s Future-Fit Governance Conference.

Angela joined WN in 2013, and has held the roles of Financial Accountant, Finance Manager and Finance and Governance Lead before progressing to her current role as Head of Finance and Governance in 2020.

In her current role working with WN’s Board, Committees, and workforce, Angela has been central to the delivery of substantive governance reforms, including the most recent important changes to WN’s Board structure, delivered at the WN Congress in July 2023.

Angela is approachable and skilled at providing regular guidance to our 84 Member netball associations and federations, as well as acting as WN’s disciplinary officer.

Not only this Angela is also an avid netball fan, who is passionate about growing the sport.

Upon receiving the award Angela addressed the conference, at the Etihad Stadium Manchester, saying: “Thank you to the Sports Governance Academy, and thank you to my colleagues without whom none of the governance developments implemented at World Netball would have been possible.

“In this room we all know that good governance may not be the first issue on the minds of our participants, however we also know that what we do helps to ensure that when our participants are waiting for that first whistle, they can be assured that they are about to take part in a fair, safe and clean competition.”

Congratulations Angela on your fantastic achievement!