World Netball Joins Campaign Against Online Abuse

World Netball (WN) has joined International Sporting Federations and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in completing the first ever industry-wide barometer survey, undertaken by the Untied Against Online Abuse (UAOA) campaign, to express grave concerns about the harmful effect that online abuse is having on sport and its competitors.

Other organisations that completed the survey included FIFA, UCI, ITF, World Athletics, and the FIA.

The responses paint a clear image of a challenging and aggressive social media environment.

Three quarters of federations said that sports stars regularly face threats of harm against themselves or their families, with 90% saying that this is likely to lead to them quitting the sport.

Federations also set out their solutions, with 95% saying that social media platforms have a key role to play in tackling the problem, either voluntarily or under obligation.

The research-led coalition aims to tackle the growing epidemic of online abuse and hate.

You can find the barometer survey findings, here.

Speaking on being part of this important campaign, WN President, Dame Liz Nicholl DBE said: “At World Netball, our vision is to make netball a sport that is open to all, and this stretches to the online space.

“We want all of the Netball Family to feel included and respected on social media.

“There is no space for abuse.

“It was important for netball to be part of this UAOA initiative, and we look forward to helping to make social media safe for all those within our game; from the fans to our officials, and of course our athletes at every level.”

Coalition members will meet to discuss next steps at a Conference in Paris this May.