Latest INF World Rankings Up To July 1st, 2017

Uganda moves to 9 as a result of winning the Africa Netball Cup.

The INF has updated its rankings to reflect matches played between the 20th March and 1st July 2017. Matches played between July 2014 and June 2016 now have a 50% weighting, those played since July 2016 (and up to June 2018) are weighted at 100%. Matches played before July 2014 are no longer included in determining the world rankings.

The latest INF World Rankings include matches from the Netball Europe Open (Challenge Section), Jamaica V Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago V Barbados, USA V Bermuda, Northern Ireland Summer Quad Series, Uganda V Malawi, Zambia V Namibia, Africa Netball Cup and Northern Ireland V Ireland.

Following this activity, the top 8 teams remain unchanged. However, Uganda moves up 4 places to 9 as a result of defeating Malawi and winning the Africa Netball Cup.

In addition, Northern Ireland moves up to 10 after winning the Summer Quad series between Barbados, Singapore, Ireland and Northern Ireland and the test series against Ireland.

Amongst other changes, Barbados move up one place to 11 as a result of beating Trinidad and Tobago, and drawing a test series against fourth-ranked side, Jamaica.

As a result of the Netball Europe Open between Ireland, Gibraltar, Bermuda and Israel, Ireland has climbed up two places to 22 and Gibraltar climb three places to 29. Bermuda gain a ranking of 28 and Israel gain a ranking of 36 along with Namibia who gain a ranking of 37 as a result of facing Zambia.

There are now 38 teams with an INF World Ranking.


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