Netball Officiating Research Survey

In partnership with the International Netball Federation, the University of Portsmouth are undertaking the world’s first study of match officials in netball. The aim of the study is to enhance the development of umpires around the world. This will involve a mapping and analysis of current structures and systems available to umpires at all levels of competitions in different countries, in order to identify similarities and differences in delivery. With the focus of the research being on an international scale, the impact of this research is aimed at individuals across the world, making this quite a unique piece of research.

To get the research project off to a successful start, the University of Portsmouth are asking for as much support as possible. If you work in one of the below roles listed, we welcome you to complete the survey. No personal details will be requested, so any responses provided within the survey will be anonymous.

  • Match officials (umpires)
  • Coaches
  • Assessors
  • Mentors of umpires
  • Individuals working in officiating administration

Netball is a high-performance sport, with a global outreach and focus. Individuals working with match officiating roles must be viewed and treated as high performance. To identify what is required to create high performance environments, it is imperative that we gain an understanding of what structures are apparent across levels of the game and in different nations, to help identify what is in place and what can be enhanced and developed. This can only happen from the insights of individuals working within netball.

Access the survey here.

Note: The survey will be accessible until 5pm GMT on Friday 30th April 2021.