Battle of the Saints Overview

The Battle of the Saints took place this weekend in St Maarten, with Antigua and Barbuda winning the series unbeaten.

The hosts, St Maarten, took on Antigua and Barbuda fives times and St Maarten Males once between the 18th and 21st November.


Thursday 18th November 

8pm (AST): St Maarten Males 30 – 35 St Maarten

Friday 19th November

6:45pm (AST): Antigua & Barbuda 52 – 30 St Maarten

Saturday 20th November 

9:00am (AST): Antigua  & Barbuda 72 – 25 St Maarten

8:15pm (AST): Antigua & Barbuda 57 – 37 St Maarten

Sunday 21st November 

9:00am (AST): Antigua & Barbuda 67 – 24 St Maarten

7:30pm (AST): Antigua & Barbuda 70 – 31 St Maarten

Congratulaions to Antigua and Barbuda on their victory and to St Maarten for hosting a successful Test Series.

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