International Umpiring Handbook

This is a handbook for use by those who hold the International Netball Umpire Award (INUA), International Talent Identified Umpire (ITID), International Netball Umpire Award Testing Panel (ITP), ITP Cadets and World Netball Members organising International Netball events.

Published documents and information can be accessed by clicking on the names listed below.

International Umpiring Handbook

WN ITP & ITP Cadet Procedures
WN Procedure for the ITP Programme - Approved January 2021WN Procedure for the Coaching of Umpires on Rankings Games – Approved January 2017Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for ITP and ITP Cadet
[INF OAP to formulate]
WN INUA & ITID Procedures
WN Procedure for the INUA and ITID Programme - approved February 2017 WN Procedure for INUA Testing - Approved July 2021Competencies for the INUA Testing Procedure
[WN OAP to formulate]
WN Umpire and UAP Appointment Procedures
WN Procedure for the Deployment of Umpires and UAP - Approved January 2017WN Procedure for Appointment of Umpires to Rankings Matches - Approved July 2021

WN Interim COVID-19 Umpire Appointments Policy - Approved January 2021
WN Officials Appointments - Selecting umpires for international events

WN Officials Appointments - Selecting UAP for international events
WN Procedure for Ranking International Umpires (with matches to be categorised accordingly)
[INF OAP to formulate]
WN Forms for International Umpiring
WN Match Assessment Report Form - Approved January 2017
WN Umpire Event Report Form - Approved January 2017WN UAP Event Report form – Approved October 2016WN Event Organiser Event Report Form - Approved January 2017
WN Rules of Netball and Codes
WN Rules of NetballWN Codes of Conduct
WN Umpire Fitness Standards
WN Fitness Standards from Oct 2015 WN Umpire Fitness Form (Revised October 2015)
WN Officials Representative Group (ORG) Terms of Reference WN Officiating Coordinator (OC) ProgrammeWN Officiating Advisory Panel (OAP) Terms of Reference
Considerations for International Netball Events
Considerations for International Netball Events

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