Latest World Rankings Update 1st July, 2019


Ahead of the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019, the International Netball Federation has released its annual INF World Rankings update. The latest rankings inclusive of matches up to 30th June 2019 see Australia maintain the lead in first place and Jamaica overtake England to claim second place.

Other changes in the top 10 see Uganda move up one place putting them in the top 6 for the first time, and Scotland and Northern Ireland move up one place with Malawi moving down three to 9th.

Barbados has overtaken Wales for 11th place, Zimbabwe has moved to 13th place and Fiji has fallen to 17th place. Samoa, Zambia, the Cook Islands and Grenada have all moved up one place in the top 20 with Sri Lanka moving up two places to 18th.

Malta has been dropped from the rankings as they have played no matches since July 2015, and Switzerland and Tonga have been relegated from the rankings as they have played fewer than eight matches since July 2015. 42 teams now having an INF World Ranking.

The rankings include matches played since 1st July 2018 and these have a full weighting (100%). Matches played in the previous two years (July 2016 – June 2018) have a weighting of 50%. Matches played before July 2016 including those played at the Netball World Cup Sydney, 2015 are no longer included in determining the INF World Rankings.

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