INF World Rankings Year End Position 2019

After a busy year of netball, we see 2019 out with our latest INF World Rankings. These rankings reflect the games played up to 2nd of December 2019 which include the Netball Europe Open Championship, the Canada – America test series, the Constellation Cup, the Africa Netball Cup, Battle of the Saints, the M1 Nations Cup, the Southeast Asian Games and the South Africa test series against England.

The world rankings see no change within the top 5, with Australia retaining their place in 1st after their performance at the Constellation Cup. New Zealand consolidate their place in 2nd, England remain 3rd followed by Jamaica in 4th and South Africa 5th. Uganda, Malawi and Scotland all maintain their positions inside the top 10. After their strong performance at the Netball Europe Open Championship, Wales move into the top 10 in 9th place, followed by Trinidad and Tobago who move up from 11th to 10th, with Northern Ireland moving down two places to 11th.

Following the Battle of the Saints, St Kitts and Nevis re-enter the rankings at 27th, Antigua and Barbuda move to 36th, Cayman Islands rise 7 places to 28th, and St Maarten move down to 44th. The Africa Netball Cup allowed Zimbabwe to move up to 13th, while Zambia retained their place at 15th and Kenya enter the world rankings at 40th. After the M1 Nations Cup, Namibia move up by 3 places to 30th, Botswana move to 24th while Ireland move down to 26th and Papua New Guinea move down to 31st.

We end 2019 with 45 teams now having an INF World Ranking, another milestone for International Netball.

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