NETBALL HEADS Book By Denise Evans and Erin Delahunty set to launch in 2022

Orphans Publishing have announced a new book deal called ‘NETBALL HEADS’ with experienced sports journalists Denise Evans from the UK and Erin Delahunty from Australia.

NETBALL HEADS will promote an inspirational message to fans and newcomers with profiles and interviews from key players, fun infographics and stats, and more. The book is set to be a love letter to the sport that has inspiring stories of women’s achievements on and off the court at its heart. The book will be published to coincide with the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Denise Evans is an experienced sports journalist with a particular passion for netball. After graduating with a degree in Film & Media studies, and a journalism diploma, she worked as a reporter and features writer on the Manchester Evening News. Denise is currently freelance covering live sporting events at BBC Sport, and has worked as their lead netball writer. She is also a producer on the podcast ‘Netball Nation’.

Erin Delahunty is an Australian-based freelance journalist specialising in covering elite netball. After completing a print journalism cadetship, she spent close to 20 years as a news, sports and features writer and editor for major media groups. Delahunty has established herself as one of Australia’s preeminent netball writers, regularly filing for Guardian Australia, which publishes her highly regarded
Super Netball column.

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