Complete Guide To Fast5

It’s one of the most exciting, gripping variations of the game and it’s coming back this Autumn!

The Fast5 World Series returns to Melbourne on October 28 and the launch of the Fast5 British All Stars is on September 23 in the 02 Arena in London. We’ve compiled a complete guide to what Fast5 is all about.

5 a Side

The traditional 7 a side is out the window here. Positions include: Goal Shooter, Goal Attack, Center, Goal Defense and Goal Keeper. This certainly speeds things up on the court.

6 Minute Per Quarter

Shorter Quarters to accommodate the relentless pace of Fast5! 1 minute intervals between quarters and 3 minute interval at half time.

Power Play

A team can earn double points in a quarter of their choosing. The team who wins the toss gets the first choice on which quarter they want to activate this in.

Center Passes

The team who conceded last gets the center pass to restart the game. The team that wins the toss has the center pass for quarter 1 and 3, while the team who lost the coin toss gets the center pass for quarter 2 and 4.


3 different goal scoring exists in Fast5.

  • 3 points is awarded for a shot outside the goal circle,
  • 2 points for a successful shot from outer circle
  • 1 point for a goal inside the goal circle.

Rolling Subs

Subs can be made anytime, to quicken the pace even more!

The Fast5 World Series is on the 28-29th October, more details can be found here.

The Fast5 British AllStars is on September 23rd, more details can be found here.

Picture Credits – Netball New Zealand