Officials Selected for Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015

The International Netball Federation is pleased to announce the umpires selected to preside over the 2015 Netball World Cup which will be held from 7th – 16th August in Sydney, Australia. Alongside this, the Umpire Appointment Panel and Jury of Appeal have also been announced.

These honours represent a significant achievement in the careers of all those selected, and the INF congratulates them on their appointments.

When on duty, all officials are considered neutral. The INF is grateful to the officials’ national netball federations for their support to develop in their roles.

Rachael Ayre
Joshua Bowring
Jonathan Bredin
Dave Brown
Gary Burgess
Paula Ferguson
Ian Fuller
Sharon Kelly
Lisa McPhail
Jackie Mizon
Yvonne Morgan
Michelle Phippard
Theresa Prince
Kristie Simpson
Tracy Smith
Marie Louw Van der Merwe
Joel Young Strong
Umpire Appointment Panel
Maureen Boyle (Chair)
Margaret Deighan
Maggie du Plessis
David Pala’amo
Yvette Smith
Jury of Appeal
Tina Browne
Octavia Gibson
Tebogo Lebotse
Helen Robinson

(also INF Technical Delegate)

Janet Wrighton