‘New Leaders’ Programme Seeks Applications

The New Leaders education programme was launched by Mrs. Birgitta Kervinen, Winner of the IOC Women and Sport World Trophy, during the Olympism in Action Forum, Buenos Aires October 2018.

One can create a change, but many people can generate a movement – and set standards for the new normal” – Mrs. Birgitta Kervinen

The sports movement can be transformed by offering new leaders the equipment to do so. They need to be empowered, should be inspiring and should also inspire other to follow the change. In order to create this, leaders need a platform to exchange ideas and to practice their skills.

The New Leaders programme is a shared education effort of IOC and EOC, run by the Finnish Olympic Committee.

The application deadline for the programme is 31st October 2018. In total, 30 European participants will be selected in to the programme.

Out on offer is the chance for participants to become game-changers in one year with its three workshops including a closing session.

Strategic Leadership, Public Speaking and Conflict Management are topics which will be covered by the programme.

Action plans will be designed on a personal and organisational level, creating a culture of change in Europe.

And finally, the programme also implements the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into practice.

Europe will play a key role in showcasing and leading the way in educating future leaders. New Leaders will be implemented to other continents as well, based on their experience from Europe, creating a net of global Olympic game-changers.

For more information on this opportunity visit their website.