Netball World App – Everything You Need To Know


The International Netball Federation (INF) has launched its first official app – Netball World for the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019. With the 15th Netball World Cup just around the corner, the app will give exclusive real-time content, latest fixtures and scores as well as videos and live streams. Now available in iOS and Android stores, the app has been a much-anticipated release in the Netball community, and the INF is proud to bring this application to life whilst enhancing the sporting experience of fans around the world.

If you haven’t downloaded the app already, here’s everything you need to know…


Navigate easily around the app via the left-hand navigation bar. Whether you want to read the latest news, buy tickets or simply find out more information about the INF or Vitality Netball World Cup 2019, start exploring the app here.


The app displays the latest world rankings, so you’ll be able to see where your team is placed, and which countries are dominating the rankings for Netball. Click on a team and the app will take you to the team hub where you can learn about the players, their positions, and the teams’ statistics. You can even connect with your favourite team on Twitter to keep up to date with all the action.


Do you have a favourite player? Or do want to find out about someone you’ve just see throw an epic centre pass? Head to the player section on the app where you can see stats for every player and their position. We’ve even included a headshot so you can get to know their faces on and off the court.


Want to find out who’s playing who and when? The fixtures section will show you the upcoming games and scores for each stage with an easy layout displaying how the competition is formatted. You’ll be a Netball pro in no time.


The match centre is the hub of Netball World and displays everything you need to know from when a match is taking place to the teams, the umpires, the players and most importantly the live scores. The games are being shown live by the INF in your country.


Netball World includes live streaming of games. However, this depends on the country you are streaming from. For more information click here.


Missed the latest action? Want to watch the qualifying games or highlights from the previous World Cup? Simply head to our video section, select a video and watch. We’ll be updating this every day throughout the tournament.


If you aren’t following us already on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, be sure to connect with us to keep up to date with the latest and go behind the scenes at the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019.


The news section on Netball World will keep you occupied for hours with all the latest information from Netball World Cup.


Find out everything there is to know about the International Netball Federation including who we are, what we do and how we are run. Get to know our board members and explore our website.


The International Netball Federation is creating a global hub to connect netballers from every background and every corner of the world to share their love of the sport, and to help build a campaign called Creating Choices.

With 113 countries, and 20 million participants engaged in netball around the world, Creating Choices aims to harness the power of an individual movement – passionate, committed, and inspired people coming together to make life better for themselves and others.


If you want to watch any videos on demand, live streams or receive push notifications, make sure you register your account. This will only take a minute and will allow you to tailor your profile so you can receive specific updates on the team(s) you want.


Should you have any problems with the registration and signing up on the app, there is a customer support function on the main menu where your issue will be logged and dealt with by the technical team.

For all other enquiries and issues with the app, please email

Head to our FAQ’s page for more information