Latest INF World Rankings up to October 23rd, 2016

The INF has updated its rankings to reflect matches played between the 21st August and the 23rd October. This includes matches from the Nations Cup in Singapore, the Constellation Cup in Australia and New Zealand, the Diamond Series in South Africa and the Quad Series.

Following this activity, there is no change to the ranking for the top 10 teams. However Australia (1) extend their lead, whilst Jamaica’s (4) rating falls closing the gap between them and South Africa (5).

Among the other changes to the table include Zimbabwe who have risen 4 places to 17, with Singapore falling 3 places to 20.

As a result of Botswana’s performance at the Nations Cup they now gain two places in the rankings moving up to 18. Uganda have fallen two places in the rankings to 13. Zambia (now 15) and Papua New Guinea (16) swap places.

You can view the Current World Rankings here.