Netball South Africa Wins Four Awards At The SA Sports Awards 2019

The 2019 SA Sports Awards took place in Durban, South Africa on Sunday 10th November.

Netball South Africa attended the event after being nominated for six awards, the highest number any federation has received in the fourteen-year history of the awards. The nominations were:

  • Federation of the Year (Netball South Africa)
  • Team of the Year (SPAR Proteas)
  • Sports Administrator of the Year (Cecilia Molokwane)
  • People’s Choice Award (Bongiwe Msomi – Captain)
  • Sports Star of the Year (Karla Pretorius)
  • Sports Woman of the Year (Karla Pretorius)

Netball South Africa went on to win the following awards:

  • Sports Administrator of the Year (Cecilia Molokwane)
  • Federation of the Year (Netball South Africa)
  • Team of the Year (SPAR Proteas
  • Ministers Excellence Award (Karla Pretorius)

Netball South Africa President, Cecilia Molokwane commented, “These awards are a true reflection of the work that is being done by Netball South Africa. I personally think we are here as a result of the great work that the federation is doing. When we came into office two years ago, we were very clear about what we needed to do. I think we have done exactly what we set ourselves to do and achieve and I am extremely proud of NSA Executives and all the role players that have enabled us to achieve all of this. Thank you and here is to breaking more boundaries.”

Congratulations to Netball South Africa on their awards and achievements.

For more information, head to the Netball South Africa Facebook page here.