Netball Australia Launches Netball Learning Centre

Netball Australia has launched a new Netball Learning Centre, which features more than 200 netball courses for coaches, umpires, bench officials and volunteers nationally.

The hub, which was developed in partnership with Sport Australia, will see courses delivered by qualified and experienced facilitators to Australia’s 15,000-strong netball workforce.

Netball Australia’s hub also aligns with one of World Netball’s core strategies, “grow”, which outlines that we will “develop a workforce strategy (volunteers and staff) to ensure we have the capacity and ability to deliver our growth plan.”

The CEO of Netball Australia, Kelly Ryan, believes the hub will provide an engaging and supportive learning experience, she said: “The launch of the Netball Learning Centre is a significant step forward in our ambition to create world-class learning opportunities for all coaches, umpires, bench officials and volunteers engaged in our sport,

“It’s critical that we invest in and support this workforce to help us further grow our sport, drive participation and achieve continued success.”

You can visit the Netball Learning Centre at or find out more about the project at