Africa Netball Cup 2019

The 2019 Africa Netball Cup kicks off this week on Friday 18th October. The tournament will be held at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town, South Africa, with Uganda, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, and Malawi all participating. The teams will battle it out across 5 days between the 18th – 22nd October to be crowned champions.

See below for fixtures:

Friday 18 October

8:00am (SAST) Uganda v Zimbabwe

10:am (SAST) Zambia v Lesotho

12pm (SAST) Kenya v Tanzania

6pm (SAST) South Africa v Malawi


Saturday 19 October

10am (SAST) Tanzania v Uganda

12pm (SAST) Zimbabwe v Kenya

2pm (SAST) Malawi v Zambia

4pm (SAST) Lesotho v South Africa


Sunday 20 October

10am (SAST) Malawi v Lesotho

12pm (SAST) South Africa v Zambia

2pm (SAST) Kenya v Uganda

4pm (SAST) Tanzania v Zimbabwe


Monday 21 October

10am (SAST) Pool A pos.3 v Pool B pos.4

12pm (SAST) Pool B pos.3 v Pool A pos.4

2pm (SAST) Pool A pos.1 v Pool B pos.2

4pm (SAST) Pool B pos.1 v Pool A pos.2


Tuesday 22 October

8am (SAST) Play off for positions 7.8

10am (SAST) Play off for positions 5/6

12pm (SAST) Bronze Medal Match

2pm (SAST) Gold Medal Match