Tonga Win PacificAus Series After Beating Fiji in The Final

The PacificAus Sport Series has come to an end in Australia, with Tonga crowned champions of the Series after beating Fiji 60-52 in the final.

The Series was arranged by Netball Australia as part of their PacificAus partnership and also involved Papua New Guinea and Samoa, and invitee team Singapore.

It was the first time that the teams have competed in an international competition since before the COVID-19 pandemic begun.

Tonga finished the Series unbeaten, after winning all their matches in Rounds 1-5 and beating Fiji in the final.

Fellow finalists Fiji only lost twice in the entire competition, in Round 2 and the final, both times to the hands of Tonga.

Here is the rest of the results from the competition:

Round 1
Tonga 85 – 42 Papua New Guinea
Samoa 44 – 55 Fiji
Round 2
Papua New Guinea 64 – 49 Singapore
Fiji 54 – 68 Tonga
Round 3
Samoa 59 – 36 Singapore
Fiji 78 – 40 Papua New Guinea
Round 4
Tonga 60 – 56 Samoa
Singapore 41 – 56 Fiji
Round 5
Papua New Guinea 30 – 71 Samoa
Singapore 53 – 65 Tonga
Tonga 60 – 52 Fiji

Congratulations to Tonga on winning the Series and well done to all those that took part and arranged such a fantastic event.

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