What Netball Scotland Has Been Doing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

During this unprecedented time, our #NetballFamily member, Netball Scotland and their team behind the scenes have been working hard to ensure their members, fans and netball community stay connected, active and entertained. Netball Scotland has introduced resources, initiatives and activities in a way that meets the latest guidance and advice on social distancing in Scotland in order to make netball accessible to all whilst staying at home.

Let’s take a look at what Netball Scotland have been up to:

Keeping Active

To help keep the #NetballFamily active and to improve physical and mental wellbeing, Netball Scotland introduced weekly workouts and skills sessions in collaboration with their Vitality Netball Superleague team, Strathclyde Sirens and Netball Scotland Pathway Athletes.

Every Monday, Strathclyde Sirens releases the latest episode in their series of isolation workouts. Each video is a 20-minute circuit that anyone can complete in their home with no equipment required. View the workouts here.

Every Tuesday, Scotland U21 and Strathclyde Sirens U21 athletes have been demonstrating drills from their own training sessions. Keep your skills sharp until you’re back on the court here.   


Netball Scotland has been sharing innovative netball activities on their social media channels. From virtual training sessions and quiz nights to #KeepTheNetballGoing and #IsolationSkillsChallenge, Netball Scotland’s community have continued to change the game. Feeling inspired? Get involved here.

Walking Netballers

Netball Scotland partnered with Weekday Wow Factor, a social enterprise organisation to offer their Walking Netball members access to a 1-hour daytime disco across Facebook and Skype where participants can dance, chat and take part in quizzes every day.

Find out more here.


Netball Scotland’s education team have been working to ensure members still have access to development opportunities. A series of online Coaching and Umpiring webinars have taken place, giving exclusive members the opportunity to learn from some of the very best at Netball Scotland.

In addition, they are aiming to inspire a new generation of umpires at the start of their umpiring journey by giving members free access to their online ‘Introduction to Umpiring’ course.

Find out more here.

Club Development

The Netball Scotland Regional Development Team have been making sure clubs use this downtime as constructively as possible by introducing ‘Club Development Series’. The series of 4 webinars led by members of the Netball Scotland Regional Development Team aim to get their member clubs ready to get back on the court when the time comes.

Find out more here.

Money Matters

Their Vitality Netball Superleague team, Strathclyde Sirens, have joined forces with Murphy Wealth, a Scottish financial planning firm, to create toolkits and share valuable advice in order to help the community to look after their financial health.

Find out more here.


The above shows Netball Scotland’s dedication and commitment to protecting and supporting the sport of netball and its family. We are incredibly proud of all Netball Scotland’s initiatives during this uncertain time and everything they are doing to ensure the #NetballFamily emerges from this stronger and more connected.

To everyone at Netball Scotland, it’s members and fans – thank you!