Job Opportunity: Technical Delegates for INF Events


The INF are offering two exciting new voluntary roles – Technical Delegates for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and 2023 Netball World Cup.

The role

The Technical Delegate is the technical representative of INF and prior to and during the Event acts as such to ensure that all INF rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and requirements as per the Host Agreement and INF Event and Commercial Operations Manual which relate to the sport of netball are complied with.

They work closely with the event organising committee, INF CEO and the team at the INF Secretariat.

The Technical Delegate is required to have a comprehensive knowledge of the INF Regulations and any Bylaws and Rules specific to the INF event in question and a thorough understanding of their application to the competition.

The role is unpaid but expenses will be met according to the INF Expenses policy.

In the interests of providing day to day support to the Host Member and Host Organising Committee it is preferable that the Technical Delegate is from the Region where the Event is being held.

The Job description can be found here.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this role please apply in writing to INF CEO, Clare Briegal at including:

  • Your Curriculum Vitae outlining your experience as it relates to the role and
  • A covering letter providing details of why you are applying for the role.

Closing date for applications is 14th February 2020