Officiating Development


Each INF region has a Regional Officiating Coordinator (ROC), who supports the INF’s International Umpiring Manager (IUM) to lead International Officiating. The INF ROCs work closely with the INF Members and Regions to facilitate the pathway to International Umpiring.

Responsibilities of the INF ROC:

 Contribute best practice for International Officiating by participating in an Officiating Advisory Group (OAG) when requested
 Disseminate good practice in INF processes and encourage INF Member Associations to implement that practice
 Co-ordinate verification of officials recommended by Member Associations in line with INF guidelines
 Oversee the progression and development of International Umpires and Umpire Testers in line with INF guidelines
 Recommend International Umpire Testers to be allocated for International matches in line with INF guidelines
 Endorse recommendations from Umpire Testers for International Umpires to be allocated for International matches in line with INF guidelines
 Develop relationships with INF Member Association Lead Officers in order to assist the progression process and avoid conflict between international and domestic competition
 Contribute to INF netWorld (INF on-line database) with pertinent data

The INF ROCs are:

Africa: Neo Gwafila-Bulayani

Americas: Vaneisha Cadogan

Asia: Lainie Houston

Europe: Alan Anderson

Oceania: Garratt Williamson

INF National Associations and Regional Federations play a large part in supporting the development of umpires throughout their career.

At international level the Umpire Appointment Panel (UAP) are allocated to international matches to provide coaching support and feedback to the umpires helping to identify areas for improvement.

There is no substitute for experience, particularly in match situations. INF seeks to expose up-and-coming umpires, known as International Talent Identified (ITID) Umpires, to matches at an international level.

The INF have an IUA Testing Panel (ITP) which is in place, for the testing of umpires for the International Umpires’ Award (IUA) and the coaching of elite umpires. ITP Cadets, with the support of the ITPs, will also be involved in identifying and training elite umpires and this role provides a succession process and pool of candidates for future ITP members.

The INF ITP/ITP Cadets are:
Margaret Deighan
Heather Gleadall
Annie Kloppers
Yvette Smith
Deborah Lynch Theobalds
Chris Campbell
Jacqui Jashari
Sharon Kelly
Annette Smith
Margaret Deighan
Heather Gleadall
Judith Groves
Joanna Kelly
Cheryl Danson
Anne Abraitis
Colleen Bond
David Palaamo
Jan Teesdale
Fay Meiklejohn
ITP Cadet
Marielouw Van der Merwe
Theresa Prince
Janet Edeling
ITP Cadet
Anne Marie Dickson Lewis
Marion Johnson-Hurley
ITP Cadet
Michelle Phippard
Tracy Skipp
ITP Cadet
ITP Cadet
Jonathan Bredin


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