Commercial Committee

The Board of Directors has established a Commercial Committee.

Terms of Reference

The responsibility of the Committee is to assist the Board with the commercial development of WN and the sport from an international perspective:

Defining a commercial vision, mission and strategy that is consistent with WN’s strategic plan and WN Members’ own commercial activities.

Reviewing and confirming the WN Commercial Rights Policy.

Developing income-generating opportunities for WN through the exploitation of the following

  • Media rights (including digital linear and non-linear)
  • Sponsorship of WN properties (e.g. WN Events, umpires and communications);
  • Other income streams (e.g. retail)

Recommending developments of the WN event portfolio and calendar.

For full terms of reference for the Board Committees, Working Groups and Panels click here.

The Members of the Committee
  • Dame Liz Nicholl DBE (WN President)
  • Shirley Hooper (WN Vice President and Chair of Commercial Committee)
  • Lyn Carpenter (WN Board Director)
  • Rob Mills (Independent WN Board Director)
  • Emily Whiteside (WN Digital Marketing Manager)
  • Clare Briegal (WN CEO)
  • Kate Agnew (WN Events Consultant)

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