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The Officiating community has come together throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic to provide support and resources for all netball umpires around the world. From England Netball’s Officiating Net-Fix to workshops and courses, find out what’s been happening and how you can get involved below.


INF International Umpiring Manager Interview

Whistle-Blowers is the 5th series from the Half Court Press Podcast and takes a look at the wonderful world of umpires, referees and officials. Episode 3 is with Christina Davidson, the International Umpiring Manager for INF. Listen here

Umpire Challenge

Annie Kloppers, Director of Umpires in South Africa, has set a #COVIDWhistleRun challenge for umpires. Umpires are to take part in a 5/10km run in support of Sport for Christ Action South Africa and blow their whistle as they complete the run.

Tag your images on social media with the hashtag #CovidWhistleRun.


Officiating Net-Fix

Head of Officiating at England Netball and International Umpire, Gary Burgess has been hosting weekly episodes of ‘Officiating Net-Fix’ on the England Netball Officiating Facebook page.

Watch all episodes here.


Officiating Net-Fix Shorts

To run alongside Officiating Net-Fix, England Netball Officiating developed Officiating Net-Fix Shorts. These are a collection of weekly Umpiring tasks and challenges that can be applied to any match available online.

Find out more here.


England Netball Officiating 


England Netball Officiating HIIT Workouts

Stay active at home with England Netball Officiating at-home HIIT workouts.

Watch here.


Netball Scotland 

Netball Scotland is inspiring a new generation of umpires at the start of their umpiring journey by giving members free access to their online ‘Introduction to Umpiring’ course. Find out more here.

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