Latest News From the Netball World Cup Qualifiers – Europe


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Scotland 51 – 58 Wales 

Umpires: Kate Stephenson & Kate Mann with Leonard Masao the reserve. 

As predicted the last and final match of the qualifiers was a nail-biter in front of a sell out crowd in the Emirate Arena.

The two teams had already qualified to be invited to the Netball World Cup 2023, but there was much more on the line in the Celtic clash with a both teams wanting to finish 1st at the Qualifiers and Scotland wanting to get one back on Wales who beat them most recently at the commonwealth games. 

With six minutes left of the first quarter the score sat at 8 all, with battles taking place throughout the court. 

Notably was the contest between Scotland’s Bethan Dyke and Wales’ Claire Maxwell, who both challenged for every ball in the centre third. 

It wasn’t until the end of the first quarter that a few sloppy errors from Scotland allowed Wales to take a marginal 13 – 16 lead, which they held onto into the break. 

Wales started the second quarter the stronger team with their wing defence Nia Jones, followed by goal defence Ella Powell-Davies making the first interceptions of the quarter to allow the Feathers to move slightly further away from the chasing Thistles. 

It was clear that the Thistles were far from done though and fired on by her home fans goal shoot Bethan Goodwin began to control the shooting circle protecting her space and adding a few more goals onto the Thistles tally.

However, when the half-time whistle was blown the match was in Wales hands as they led 26 – 31. 

Scotland started the third quarter how they finished the second, fighting for more. 

With 8 minutes of the quarter remaining their hard work began to pay off as they brought the score back to 33 – 33 all.

A flying interception from Wales goal attack, Phillipa Yarrington, then helped the Feathers go on another goal scoring run to go back in front just before the final break, 31 – 43. 

The final quarter was Scotland’s Iona Christian’s time to fly, as she made an all important turnover in the centre third to help the Thistles start their comeback all over again and with just 10 minutes of the match remaining they were back within three. 

After another period of the match going goal for goal, Wales eventually managed to hold onto their hard-fought win, as the match finished 51 – 58. 

The win means that Wales finish the Netball World Cup Qualifiers – Europe unbeaten and on top. 

Northern Ireland 61 – 32 Isle of Man 

Umpires: Louise Cole & James Thomas, with Rhian Edwards the reserve. 

Following a disappointing end to day 4 for Northern Ireland, they picked themselves up like true Warriors to add one more win to their qualifier campaign.

From the off you can see their hunger and desire to win every ball and give their fans a match to enjoy.

The stand out players for both teams in the first quarter were their wing defences. 

Niamh Cooper started in wing defence for the Warriors and her zonal marking was crucial in the end third as she moved from player to player putting them under constant pressure and making it hard for the Isle of Man to get the ball to the circle edge. 

Whilst the Manx Ram’s wing defence, Lydia Shaw, also made an impact making multiple circle edge interceptions giving her team a chance to get some goals back. 

As the second quarter got underway, the Warriors lead 17 – 8 and an early flying interception from their centre and captain, Fionnuala Toner,  helped them to extend that. 

It was then in that second quarter that Northern Ireland were able to pull away so they had a 16 goal advantage going into their final 30-minutes of the competition. 

The Isle of Man’s captain Ashley Hall continued to impress the Netball Family in the second half as she showed her versatility changing from wing attack to goal attack, where she adapted her game and shot well for her team. 

However, it was the Warriors that stormed the court firing themselves 48-24 ahead and they then finished their qualifier campaign off in style in the 4th quarter, winning the match 61 – 32.

Republic of Ireland 50 – 36 Gibraltar

Umpires: Rachel Radford & Leonard Masao, with Rhian Edwards the reserve.

The first match of the final day saw the two teams still searching for their first win come head to head, the Republic of Ireland and Gibraltar. 

The Emeralds performances had improved match on match this week, and their final match was no different. 

One Irish player that made her presence known on court from the first whistle was wing defence Eimhear O’prey, the defender was vocal in the goal third calling switches with her team mate whilst in the centre third she always made herself a centre pass option.  

Gibraltar grew into the first quarter coming back from more than five goals down, to be within one of Ireland at the first break. 

The Emeralds reacted well to Gibraltar’s comeback by scoring a flurry of goals in the opening minutes of the second quarter to give themselves what looked to be a little bit more breathing space. 

Gibraltar once again put their mark on the later stages of the 15-minute period, clawing themselves back to within one goal and threatening to take the lead, but a few missed shots and Emeralds rebounds from Ciara Lynch and Corey McGlynn later, Ireland’s first win was back within within touching distance as they led 27 – 17 at half time. 

With just 30 minutes left of both teams Netball World Cup Qualifier experience, it was clear just how much they both wanted the win. 

Gibraltar’s, Anna Hernandez, found a new energy in the penultimate quarter putting everything on the line to help keep her teams aim of securing a win alive.

Hernandez accurate feeds into the circle led to Gibraltar winning the 3rd quarter 9 – 10, leaving it all still to play for with 15-minutes to go on the clock. 

The Emeralds second quarter surge ended up being too much for Gibraltar to come back from, despite them fighting until the end, and it was Ireland that took the win 50 – 36. 


Wales 60 – 34 Northern Ireland 

Umpires: James Thomas & Kate Mann, with Kate Stephenson the reserve.

Wales weren’t here to play today at day 4 of the Netball World Cup Qualifiers – Europe, as they netted 4 goals before the Northern Ireland Warriors had one goal to their name.

Wales were patient in attack, looking after the ball and utilising all players on court as they went forward.

One battle the crowd enjoyed was that of Wales wing attack, Bethan Dyke, and Northern Ireland wing defence Niamh Cooper. 

With Dyke’s speed and Cooper’s strength it was a contest like no other, as they both battled for every ball. 

When Wales were leading by 11, it was Michelle Davidge’s turn to come on at wing defence for the Warriors and take on the pocket rocket that was Dyke, however the was so controlling her. 

The Welsh Feathers started the second quarter with an 18-6 advantage, as every player on court continued to win their own individual contests. 

Georgia Rowe found the back space with ease in the attacking circle, holding her opponent, Olivia McDonald, in front, whilst at the other end Christina Shaw and Ella Powell-Davies didn’t give the Warriors shooters any breathing room. 

At half-time, the Feathers led 33 – 14. 

The second half promised more of the same, with Wales never wilting, and going on to win the match 60 – 34. 

The win confirmed that both Wales and Scotland will now qualify to be invited by World Netball to the Netball World Cup 2023 in Cape Town South Africa. 

The Welsh Feathers and Scottish Thistles are the only two teams still unbeaten in the Europe qualifiers, with one day of competition to go, and they will face each other tomorrow to see who finishes the qualifiers on top.

Gibraltar 18 – 91 Scotland

Umpires: Leonard Masao & Louise Cole, with Rachel Radford the reserve. 

Both teams entered the second match of the day in very different positions, but wanting the same thing – a win. 

Scotland started the match looking to remain unbeaten, whilst Gibraltar continued to hunt for their first win of the qualifiers. 

The Thistles had many chances in the opening minutes to add a number of goals to their opening quarter tally, but their shooters, Emma Barrie and Cerys Cairns, failed to convert a high percentage of their shots on goal. 

As the quarter progressed the shooting became more accurate, matching up with the level of play on rest of the court, and the hosts managed to extend their lead to an impressive 2 – 20. 

Gibraltar did not let the scoreline dishearten them when they began the second quarter, as they continued to work tirelessly to get free from the in form Thistles and their persistence and hard-work paid off as they scored 6 goals, compared to just 2 in the first 15-minutes. 

One standout Gibraltar player was goal attack, Megan Ruiz, who not only shot confidently at every opportunity given, but also constantly got back to defend in the centre third to try and slow down the firing Thistles. 

There was just no stopping the Scottish team in the first half though, as they put on a fantastic show for their home fans in the Emirates Arena taking a 8 – 42 lead into half-time. 

The second half hour was an all round Thistles masterclass, with every player sticking to task. 

Emily Nicholl and Rachel Conway were a force to be reckoned with in defence, batting away every ball that entered the circle and keeping Gibraltar’s second half goal scoring tally down to 10. 

The Thistles remain unbeaten going into the final day of competition, where they will take on Wales.

Republic of Ireland 53 – 54 Isle of Man 

Umpires: Rhian Edwards & Kate Stephenson, with with James Thomas the reserve. 

Coming off the back of their first win of the competition on day 3 against Gibraltar, The Isle of Man started confidently against the Republic of Ireland netting the first three goals of the game. 

However, a turnover from Ciara Lynch, at goal keeper, soon fuelled a spell of brilliance for the  Republic of Ireland as they managed to get themselves back level at 4-4. 

From then on the first quarter remained goal for goal, until Manx Ram’s centre, Rachel Johnstone, made a flying interception with 1-minute to go allowing the Isle of Man to take a marginal 14 – 16 lead into the first break in the closest match we have seen so far. 

With 45-minutes to go in the contest, everything was still to play for, however it was the Manx  Rams that started the strongest. 

A tip from captain and wing attack, Ashley Hall, secured her team their first turnover of the second quarter and allowed them to increase the gap between them and the Emeralds to 4. 

Ireland responded by making two changes in attack, bringing on Millie Cox at goal attack and Seren Redmond at wing attack, but the Isle of Man players stuck to task, not letting the changes impact their game taking a 26 – 32 lead into half-time. 

With only 6 goals separating the two teams it was all still to play for in the second half as the Emeralds continued to search for their first win of the qualifiers. 

Ireland couldn’t have got off to a better start, with centre Corey McGlynn making an interception in the goal third off the Manx Rams first centre pass allowing the Emeralds to get back within 5 goals of the Rams. 

Both teams went on to display moments of seamless netball in the third quarter, but they also both e made some costly ball handling errors meaning the difference remained just 6 goals at the final break. 

The final 15 minutes in the Emirates Arena were tense with both teams putting everything on the line as the battled it out for the win. 

Just like every other match this week, the Emeralds performance took a step up again in the final quarter and with 9 minutes to go they were closing in on the Rams, with only two goals the difference. 

With 30 seconds left on the clock, one goal separated the two teams and  Ireland had the chance to equalise and take the game to extra time but a misplaced centre pass meant they did not manage to do so before the final whistle. 

The Manx Rams took the win 53 – 54.


Scotland 65 – 38 Northern Ireland

Umpires: Leonard Maseo & Kate Stephenson, with Rachel Radford the reserve. 

The final match of the day was the Celtic clash with the Scottish Thistles taking on the Northern Ireland Warriors. 

The Thistles came out firing with Iona Christian making the first turnover of the match on the transverse third line when the Warriors were forced to play the ball backwards and reset, thanks to strong circle defence from Emily Nicholl and Rachel Conway.

Thanks to Christian’s turnover  Scotland scored the first two goals of the game taking an early lead which they then continued to extend with their goal shooter, Bethan Goodwin commanding the attacking circle, protecting the back space and putting on a shooting masterclass in the opening 15-minutes. 

Scotland started the second quarter 18-6 up, but they showed no sign of slowing down scoring another 16 goals and forcing the Warriors to make changes throughout court to change their approach to the game. 

The Warriors got the second quarter underway going straight to goal with ease before Alex Martin sunk her first shot of the match and the first of the second half.

Martin’s goal started a much stronger quarter for the Warriors, who went on to add 10 goals to their tally, however they still trailed 49 – 25 with 15-minutes to go. 

Tamsin Greenway’s Thistles side then saw out the game in style in the 4th quarter, taking the win 65 – 38. 

Isle of Man 43 – 33 Gibraltar 

Umpires: Rhian Edwards & James Thomas, with Kate Mann the reserve.

Both teams entered the second match of the day searching for their first win of the qualifiers, and it was Isle of Man that came out on top collecting the two points. 

The first quarter was end-to-end with turnovers being made throughout the court, and both sets of shooters failing to convert their chances, meaning that after 4-minutes of play the score still sat at just 1-1. 

Isle of Man wing defence, Cassidy Pizzey, was just one player chasing down every ball on court. Pizzey made a fantastic interception on the circle edge, before moving up the court to be the reset option for her teammates in the build-up play to the Isle of Man’s second goal. 

The Manx Ram’s patient play using their back options and not forcing the ball into the circle paid off, as they went into the first break leading 9 – 6.

Gibraltar didn’t let their slight deficit bother them going into the second quarter, as they kept up the same intensity, constantly putting two hands over the ball as soon as the Isle of Man were in possession. 

However, the Manx Rams were still charging through Gibraltar with captain and wing attack, Ashley Hall, taking so prisoners as she took the ball through the court. 

The Rams started the second-half leading 19-10 and well on their way to securing their first victory of the qualifiers. 

The second-half started very much like the third, with the match going goal for goal for the opening few minutes.

Gibraltar’s shooters, Amy Pozo and Megan Ruiz, began to work well together splitting the Isle of Man defenders and finding themselves open under the post on a few occasions. 

Despite the third quarter score being much closer at 13 – 10 to the Isle of Man, the Manx Rams second quarter display ensured they stayed in front 32 – 20 ahead of the final 15-minutes. 

The 4th quarter was Gibraltar’s strongest so far, as they went on to win the quarter 11 – 13, but it wasn’t enough to take the victory thanks to the Isle of Man’s strong second quarter. 

Republic of Ireland 23 – 75 Wales

Umpires: Rachael Radford & Louise Cole, with Kate Stephenson the reserve.

The opening quarter of the first match of the day went goal for goal, with the Republic of Ireland having their best start so far. 

The Emeralds were applying constant pressure throughout the court, forcing a few early Wales errors including a held ball. 

One player that stood out was Ireland’s goal defence Corey McGlynn who constantly moved between double marking Wales shooter Georgia Rowe to marking her own opponent, Eleanor Roberts, and her hard work paid off as she made multiple interceptions giving her team a chance to redeem themselves from some missed shots at the other end.

It wasn’t until the final three minutes of the quarter that Wales began to pull away, taking a 6-13 lead into the first break.

The Welsh Feathers had a much more successful second quarter, with Nia Jones commanding the centre court at wing defence, both physically and vocally, keeping Ireland’s second quarter goal tally down to two and allowing Wales to take a 8 – 34 lead into half-time. 

Wales were back on track to securing their third victory of the qualifiers by the end of penultimate quarter, as they scored a flurry of goals to extend their lead to 14 – 55. 

Ireland kept fighting till the end  but despite their strong start to the game, they were still left waiting for their first win as they were defeated by Wales 23 – 75. 


Isle of Man 20 – 82 Scotland 

Umpires: Rhian Edwards & Leonard Masao, with Louise Cole the reserve.

Scotland got off to another flying start in their second game of the qualifiers in front of their home crowd in the Emirates. 

World Netball Voice of the Athlete Working Group member Emily Nicholl, started at goal defence for the Thistles and she combined well with wing defence and captain Claire Maxwell to stop the Isle of Man from being able to get the ball onto the circle edge to feed their shooters. 

Whilst at the other end, Iona Christian (wing attack) and Hannah Leighton (centre) used their speed and agility to attack the circle edge with intensity to feed their shooters, who made no mistake in converting their chances scoring 31 goals in the opening quarter. 

The second 15-minutes were better from the Isle of Man, as their mid-court began to drive forwards more for the ball taking on the Thistles players, however the Manx Rams still struggled in their end attacking third both getting past the defensive wall that was Nicholl and Hannah Grant, and then converting their shots when they had worked hard for the opportunity do so. 

The second 15-minutes were better from the Isle of Man, who made a few changes  going into the quarter most notably moving Cassidy Pizzey to wing defence who helped to slow down the Thistles attack, leading to them scoring just 15 goals in the second quarter compared to 31 in the first. 

After a slightly slower second quarter, Scotland started the third quarter just how they started the first – scoring a flurry of goals through Bethan Goodwin and Niamh McCall. 

Goodwin looked extremely cool in the circle, sinking shots from different areas to give her team a 13 – 65 lead. 

The Thistles then made changes in all areas of the court going into the final quarter, but once again the work ethic and pace stayed the same with their home fans being treated to their second victory of the qualifiers, this time 20 – 82 against the Isle of Man. 

Northern Ireland 59 – 24 Republic of Ireland 

Umpires: Rachael Radford & Kate Mann, with James Thomas the reserve. 

A stronger second half from Northern Ireland saw them secure their second win of the Qualifiers, this time at the hands of the Republic of Ireland. 

It was a wobbly start for both teams with nearly two minutes on the clock before a single goal was scored.

Northern Ireland eventually went on to get the first 6 goals of the game as their shooters Mille Cox and Fran Duffy, settled and got their eye in, whilst the Republic of Ireland Emeralds didn’t score their first goal until 6 minutes had been played. 

Once the Emeralds added their first goal to the board, there was a new energy amongst the team and they went on to score another 5 goals before the end of the quarter.

However, their goal scoring flurry wasn’t enough to catch Northern Ireland, who remained in the lead 14 – 6 at the first break. 

Using their momentum gained at the end of the first quarter, the Emeralds started the second quarter much stronger than the first as their shooter Sophie Murray scored the first two goals of the quarter. 

Another Emerald that shone in the second quarter was centre Erin Peters, who worked tirelessly throughout the court making strong drives in the centre court and hunting down the ball when the Warriors were in possession. 

The Republic of Ireland’s hard-work began to show on the scoreboard midway through the second quarter, when they were winning the 15-minute period 4-6, closing in on the Warriors who still led overall. 

The teams ended up drawing the second quarter 9 – 9, leaving the half-time score 23 – 15 to the Warriors. 

The Warriors came out ready for battle in the second half, and took back control of the match.

Michelle Magee was one Northern Ireland player that led by example, making her presence known as she entered at goal defence for the quarter and making key interceptions. 

An important championship quarter performance meant that Northern Ireland went into the final 15-minutes leading by 22, which they extended to 35 by the last whistle to join Wales in remaining unbeaten after two matches. 

Wales 95 – 19 Gibraltar

Umpires: Louise Cole & Kate Stephenson, with Leonard Masao the reserve.

Day two in the Emirates arena started with a Wales win over Gibraltar, in front of a very excited crowd of local school children.

The first quarter showcased a fantastic defensive display from the Welsh Feathers. 

The Welsh team turned over Gibraltar’s first centre pass, which they went on to score from setting the tone for the quarter. 

Ella Powell-Davies was just one of the Feathers stand-out defenders in the quarter, with one of her best moments coming  minutes into the match when she made a flying interception in the goal third to once again stop Gibraltar from reaching their attacking circle. 

Gibraltar started the second quarter down by 25, but that didn’t stop them from coming out firing and fighting for every ball.

In the early stages of the quarter, Gibraltar goal keeper, Isabella MacQuisten, took a great re-bound under the post beating Wales shooter Georgia Rowe to the ball, however her team then failed to take the ball up the other end to convert the chance. 

As the quarter progressed Gibraltar grew into the match, attacking the ball at speed through the court when given the opportunity and space, scoring 5 goals, 2 more than they scored in the first quarter. 

Despite a stronger 15-minutes from Gibraltar, Wales still led 51 – 8 at half time. 

Both teams made lots of changes going into the second half, giving new combinations a chance to develop on court. 

For Wales, the changes saw a new attacking end with Clare Jones taking centre and Shona O’Dwyer wing attack, but whilst the team changed the intensity and speed did not, with the Feathers still finding space throughout the court to get the ball down to their shooters who added another 22 goals to their already impressive tally. 

The final quarter showed more of the same, with the crowd and both teams energetic till the end.

Gibraltar beat their second quarter goal scoring tally in the final quarter, scoring 7 goals.

Wales took the win 95 – 19, scoring the highest number of goals we have seen so far in the competition and remaining unbeaten. 


Scotland 87 – 17 Republic of Ireland 

Umpires: Louise Cole & Rhian Edwards, with Kate Mann the reserve. 

The final match of day one saw the hosts, Scotland, take on the Republic of Ireland, and the Thistles made no mistake in impressing their home crowd in the Emirates Arena as they took an early 5-1 lead in the opening 5-minutes. 

The Thistle’s shooters then went on a goal scoring flurry, scoring more goals than there was minutes in the first quarter to lead 20-3.

The second quarter was one of defensive dominance for Scotland, who only allowed Ireland to score one goal in the opening 5-minutes of the quarter.

Ireland grew into the quarter, working tirelessly throughout court, and using wing defence Ciara Lynch and goal defence Corey McGlynn as reliable back options in the centre third whilst their attackers continued to move to get free from the Thistles.

The Thistles started the second half leading by 34, and their home crowd were loving every second of it cheering them on. 

Ireland’s shooters, Millie Cox and Fran Duffy, produced moments of brilliants as they rotated in the circle, used bounce passes and their circle edge options to get into better shooting positions, however they then failed to convert all their chance to close the gap on the Thistles who showed no sign of slowing down. 

The Thistles then saw out the final match of day one of the Netball World Cup Qualifiers – Europe in style scoring 25 goals, to take a 87 – 17 win. 

Gibraltar 19 – 68 Northern Ireland

Umpires: Leonard Masao and James Thomas, with Rachael Radford the reserve.

The second match of the day saw the Northern Ireland Warriors, fight off Gibraltar. 

The Warriors captain and centre, Caroline O’Hanlon, made her presence known in all thirds of the court from the first whistle, making interceptions at one end and attacking the circle edge to put in the perfect feed at the other. 

The Warriors shooters, Ciara Crosbie and Orlaith Rogers, then made no mistake capitalising off their chances to score 16 goals in the opening quarter. 

Gibraltar’s goal defence, Zainya Gillingwater, had a fantastic 15-minutes in the second quarter being a constant back-up option for her team and applying the pressure in their defensive circle, but it continued to be Northern Ireland that controlled the court.

Northern Ireland started the penultimate quarter with a 30-goal lead, which they then continued to extend, leaving the match all but won going into the final 15-minutes. 

Gibraltar scored the first goal in the closing quarter, and at one point were winning the quarter 4-2. 

Both teams worked hard until the final whistle, with Northern Ireland winning the match 19 – 68. 


Umpires: Kate Stephenson & Kate Mann, with Louise Cole the reserve

It was Wales and the Isle of Man that got the Netball World Cup Qualifiers – Europe underway in Scotland, and Wales that secured the first win of the tournament. 

The Welsh Feathers were dominant in defence from the off, with goal keeper Christina Shaw and goal defence Ella Powell-Davies communicating well in the circle and collecting the Manx rebounds to allow Wales to take an early three goal lead, which they went on to extend to 12 at the first break.

The Isle of Man made five changes at the first break, including Rhian Evan’s going to centre and Rachel Johnstone going to wing attack. 

Both attackers worked hard for the Manx, playing the ball around their goal third and not forcing it into their shooters, however the Welsh Feathers defence proved too hard to break down.

At the other end, Wales continued to find their shooters with ease scoring another 21 goals before half-time taking the score to 40 – 11.

Wales switched up their shooting combination in the second half, with Sari Watkins coming on at goal shoot and Phillipa Yarranton returning to goal attack.

As the new shooting duo began to gel, Manx goal keeper Zoe Kirkham stepped up making an interception and forcing errors from the Wales team in the early stages of the second half, as the Isle of Man showed no sign of giving up.

Wales soon found their feet again, netting another 19 goals before the penultimate break. 

The Feathers then went on to finish the last quarter, just how they started the first, with pace and dominance, and won the match 78 – 22.


Wednesday 12th October14:30pmWales7822Isle of Man
Wednesday 12th October17:00pmGibraltar 1968Northern Ireland
Wednesday 12th October19:30pmScotland8717Republic of Ireland
Thursday 13th October12:00pmWales9519Gibraltar
Thursday 13th October14:30pmNorthern Ireland5924Republic of Ireland
Thursday 13th October17:00pmIsle of Man2082Scotland
Friday 14th October12:00pmRepublic of Ireland2375Wales
Friday 14th October14:30pmIsle of Man4333Gibraltar
Friday 14th October17:00pmScotland6538Northern Ireland
Saturday 15th October12:00pmRepublic of Ireland5354Isle of Man
Saturday 15th October14:30pmGibraltar 1891Scotland
Saturday 15th October17:00pmWales 6034Northern Ireland
Sunday 16th October10:00amRepublic of Ireland5036Gibraltar
Sunday 16th October12:30pmNorthern Ireland6132Isle of Man
Sunday 16th October15:00pmScotland5158Wales


3Northern Ireland56
4Isle of Man54
5Republic of Ireland52

*Please note for the purpose of this table if teams are on the same points they have been ordered alphabetically. In the case of a tie at the end of the tournament, goal percentage will be used to decide final positioning. 


The Netball World Cup Qualifiers – Europe will run from the 12th to the 16th October at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland. 

They will involve the hosts Scotland, as well as Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales. 

The event will be played in a round robin format, with all teams playing each other once across the 5 days of competition. 

Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss. Draws will not be permitted. 

In the event of a tie at full-time of any match, the following procedure for extra time shall be followed: 

  • 4-minute interval at the end of full-time
  • Extra time to be played consisting of two halves of 7 minutes, with an interval of one minute at half-time.
  • In the event of a tie after extra-time, teams shall continue to play until one team leads by two goals.

At the end of the round-robin if teams tie on points, the following procedure shall be followed: 

  • First, goal average will be used to decide placings 
  • If goal average is identical, then goal difference will be applied
  • In the event of a further tie, the team scoring the most goals will be declared the higher ranked. 



For international supporters, outside of the Europe Netball region*, all matches will be available to watch on NetballPass.

Supporters within the Europe Netball region* will be able to watch the matches live and on-demand at  http://www.netballscotland.tv by purchasing an all-access event pass for just £9.99

*Europe Netball region includes all participating countries; Scotland, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales, plus England, UAE, Malta, Israel, and Switzerland.


World Netball has selected the following officials for the event:

  • Cheryl Danson
  • Margaret Deighan
  • Kate Stephenson.
  • Kate Mann
  • Alison Harrison
  • James Thomas
  • Leonard Masao
  • Rhian Edwards
  • Louise Cole

Congratulations to all those selected! 

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